Frequently Asked Questions

What temperature related bacteria groups are used in anaerobic digesters?

Anaerobic digesters utilize either mesophilic or themophilic bacteria. At Mac Farms, Inc., we utilize mesophilic bacteria, which requires much lower environmental temperatures between 68F and 113F, with optimal temperatures at 99F.

Does Mac Farms, Inc. sell electricity produced from biogas byproducts?

Yes, we do have a power purchase agreement with East Kentucky Power and Taylor County RECC.

What types of waste streams do you accept?

Mac Farms, Inc. accepts paper pulp sludge, stillage, food waste, some DAF sludge, and some types of FOG. At this time, we do not accept unpackaged waste streams, but can accept both thick or thin stillage. Mac Farms, Inc. does not accept any type of human waste.

What do you do with the digestate at the end of the process?

Digestate collected at the end of the process is used as a liquid fertilizer for our crops.

What are the tipping free rates for the wastes that Mac Farms, Inc. accepts?

Tipping fees are based on the type of waste and how difficult it is to process. Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss applicable fees for your business.

Does my waste stream have to be provided at a given temperature?

No, however feed stock temperatures are considered in tipping fee pricing.